Remove excess oil and restore radiance with Indie Lee's Purifying Face Wash. This gentle formula is powered by java plum, orange, lavender and imortelle extracts that calm skin and combat free radical damage. Clove, burdock and mandarin promote a brighter complexion, while rose damascena and jasmine keep skin looking softer and smoother. Key Ingredients:Java Plum, Orange, Lavender and Immortelle Extracts: soothe and shield against free-radical damageClove, Burdock and Mandarin: improve skin tone and texture. Rose Damascena and Jasmine: help maintain soft and supple skinKey Benefits:Gently removes dirt, oil, makeup and any other impuritiesLeaves skin feeling soft and supplePromotes a clearer-looking complexionTravel-friendly | Indie Lee Purifying Face Wash, 1 fl. oz | Dermstore

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