SK-II's PITERA™ First Experience Kit is a unique skin care set formulated to enhance a smoother and brighter complexion. Each formula utilizes the power of PITERA™, which helps to balance your skin by keeping it clean, softer and hydrated while increasing luminosity. PITERA™ First Experience Kit includes:Facial Treatment Essence (75 ml. ): A face toner to give you more nourished and radiant-looking skin. Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (30 ml. ): A hydrating toner that removes impurities and enhances radiance. Facial Treatment Mask (1 piece): A luxurious sheet mask that refines skin texture and tone. Key Ingredients:PITERA™ (Facial Treatment Essence, Facial Treatment Clear Lotion & Facial Treatment Mask): smooths, hydrates and increases luminosityKey Benefits:Gently exfoliates, hydrates and balances oil production (Facial Treatment Essence)Purifies skin and enhances luminosity (Facial Treatment Clear Lotion)Moisturizes and softens skin's surface (Facial Treatment Mask) | SK-II PITERA First Experience Kit 1 kit | Dermstore

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